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Stratford-upon-Avon Corporation


Bundle of leases of Wayfield House, Snitterfield, and Comyns Park Farm, Snitterfield. Plans. - to George Clark Downing and Frank William Harding, Leamington, 1894, (Wayfield). - to William Hendley, Bishopton, milkman, 1895 (Wayfield). - to Claude Ginnett, circus proprietor, 1898 (Wayfield). - to Capt. Charles Reginald Douglas Hamilton, London, 1899 (Wayfield). - to Dame Isabelle Cave Browne Cave, Bewdley, 1903 and 1913, (Wayfield) - to Henry Brown, Birmingham, coal merchant, 1904 (Comyns) with 1895 lease for 7 years from William Izod of Birmingham, gent.