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Knight of Barrels


Mortgage by Frances Holbech of Studley, co. Warwick, widow of John Holbech late of the same, maltster, deceased, to the Reverend William Wood of Dudley, co. Worcs., clerk, of the one-third part mentioned in DR 36/40 and DR 36/42-43 and of her own dower or thirds of the remaining two-third parts of property in Studley by demise for terms of 500 and 99 years respectively at a peppercorn rent to secure £250. Signed: Frances Holbech by her mark, with seal. Witnesses: Thos: Lee, W. Holmes. Endorsed with surrender by William Wood of the said term of 500 years to William Holmes of Studley, yeoman, who had become seised of the premises in fee simple. Surrender dated 27 January 1800, signed by William Wood with seal, witnessed by Thos: Lee.