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Knight of Barrels


Feoffment by Frances Holbech of Studley, co. Warwick, widow of John Holbech late of the same, maltster, deceased, John Reading of the same, factor, and Elizabeth his wife and Sarah Holbech of the same, spinster (Elizabeth and Sarah being daughters of the said John Holbech) to William Holmes of Studley, farmer, for £1220 of a messuage and malthouse, cottages and lands in Studley with covenant to levy a fine thereof. Signed: Frances Holbech by her mark, John Reading, Elizabeth Reading, Sarah Holbech, with seals. Witnesses: 1. and 4. Joseph Lee, James Lee; 2 and 3: Josh: Lee, Jno: Medes. Endorsed with acknowledgement of receipt of purchase money, less sums due on bonds and mortgages, with memorandum of livery of seizin 11 June 1799 and with acknowledgement of receipt 30 September 1802 by George Chatterley of a sum due to him under bond.