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James Brydges, Duke of Chandos


File labelled: 'Background material for Brydges'. Subdivided into packets: 'London Houses', including Country Life articles on Canons, 1916, 1949; photocopies from Stowe collection at Huntington Library dealing with household expenses, 1717-28. 'Garden and Grounds at Canons', comprising photocopies from Stowe collection at Huntington Library, 1704-34. 'Shaw Hall, Newbury'; mainly photocopies of 18th-century plans and notes by John Andrews at Newbury Museum. Packet of modern books, leaflets and pamphlets etc. relating to places associated with the Brydges family: includes Barnsley Park, Glos., St James's Church, Piccadilly; St Lawrence Church, Whitchurch, Middx; Wanstead Park, Surrey. 'Genealogy and estates of Brydges and affiliated families: Atkyns, Barnard, Charlton': includes photocopies of material at Herefordshire Record Office, 1703-4.