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Archer miscellanea: Archer of Tanworth


Abstract of title of Francis Tyringham to lands bought by Thomas Doley, gent. (with additions 1698-1743) Reciting: 11 Jun 1629 Conveyance by Sir Edward and Simon Mountfort to Richard Grimshaw for pound;312 7 Dec 1642 Will of Richard Grimshaw devising premises to son Richard for life with remainder to grandson Richard. Richard Grimshaw, the grandchild had 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Mary and Anne and died intestate leaving them co-heirs. 1691-4: Various deeds whereby premises in question were settled upon Mary Grimshaw 24 Aug 1694 Marriage sewttlement of Mary Grimshaw and Francis Tyringham 24 May 1698 Sale by Francis and Mary Tyringham to Thomas Doley for pound;641 24 Feb 1742/3 Lease for 21 years by Anne Sheppard widow to John Adkins of specified lands at pound;35 p.a.