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Archer miscellanea: Archer of Tanworth


Abstract of grant by Kenelm, Clement and John Throckmorton, esquires to John More and his heirs, of various premises in Tanworth viz: one tenement with appurtenances called Carpenters, a road called Fordrove, formerly in occupation Baldwin Hunt, a croft called Masons; 3 crofts of which 2 lie between the highway leading from Tanworth to Birmingham on the east and land of Thomas Greene on south, and the third between the said highway and land of William Chambers, all which land was granted to them the said Kenelm, Clement and John by King Edward VI by Lettersd Patent dated 24 June 1547. To hold from the king, as of his manor of Greenwich, in free socage, not in chief, paying specified rent to Sir Robert Throckmorton and his heirs. Note at bottom in hand of Sir Simon Archer being receipt 20 April 1641 for 2d relief payable by Edward Clarke for ground late William Chambers due on death of John Brockhurst.