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Correspondence: Archer of Tanworth


Andrew Archer, London to Andrew Archer, at Croft Castle, Leominster, his kinsman: Asks for presentation to rectory of Solihull. Is determined to secure good opinion of relations in spite of troubles and is sure Church will not oppose admittance to Orders and living. N.B. There are 3 Andrew Archers at this date 1) Of Umberslade, passim 2) B.1665, son of Humphry of Tysoe and brother of Rev. Simon, b.1664, Vicar of Tanworth and rector of Sherrington. [See DR 37/2/Box 87/141, DR 37/2/Box 87/149] 3) Son of Simon [of Edgbaston] BD DD, curate Tunbridge, rector of Solihull, 1705. (1675-1728)