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Knight of Barrells


Deed poll for determining the trusts for sale under the Act of 1808 (no. DR 225/22) being a declaration by the Rev. Henry Charles Knight late of Bognor co. Sussex but then of Oak Hill House, Cowes, Isle of Wight, clerk, reciting the will of Robert earl of Catherlough dated 11 February 1772, and codicil dated 24 February 1772, and that testator died on 30 March 1772, and that Robert Knight married in 1791 the Hon. Frances Dormer spinster, who died in 1842 having had issue four children viz. Henry Knight born 179[ ] and died an infant without issue, Frances Elizabeth Knight, Georgiana Knight and the said Henry Charles Knight, born 1813, and reciting the Act of 1808, and that Robert Knight died on 5 January 1855 without having been again married, and no accounts having been rendered to him of the real and personal estates devised under the will of 1772 or of the sales and purchases under the Act of 1808, he the said Henry Charles Knight as surviving son of Robert Knight and in pursuance of powers contained in the said Act, declared the trusts for sale relating to such of the estates as then remained unsold to be at an end, and directed the trustees to convey the same to the uses of the will of Robert earl of Catherlough. Signed and sealed: Henry Charles Knight. Seal applied on green silk. Witnesses: Lewis W. Miller, James Elms, clerks to Mr. William Parke. Note. Appears to have been signed `Charles Knight' and the name `Henry' added in the same hand.