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Sale particulars, Childswickham and Willersey


'Great Collin Farm' with a pair of cottages, 'New or Old Well Farm' with a pair of cottages, market garden with a pair of cottages, 'Lower Murcot Farm' with a block of 3 cottages, 'Murcot Farm', 'Millbrook Farm', 2 pairs of cottages near 'Milbrook Farm', allotments ('Lower Ground' 'Long Ground'), 'Mount Pleasant Farm', 'Mount Pleasant Farm Cottages', pair of cottages with 'The Brickyard' 'South Hill Plantation', 'Manor Farm' with a pair of cottages, pair of modern cottages, 'Slatter's allotments', 'Manor House' with half-timbered cottage corn mill, and 'Rose Villa'. With: Childswickham village (New Street), 7 pairs of cottages (Nos. 1-12 two, part of 'Old Well Farm'), With: Childswickham village (Atkinson Street), 'Ivy Cottages', village Post Office cottage, detached cottage, and block of 4 cottages With: Childswickham village, semi-deatched house, village smithy cottage, cottage orchard, 'Bridge Cottage', 'Stanley Cottages', pair of cottages, cottage with pasture, 'Childswickham Inn', Childswickham allotments 'Perrin's Farm' buildimgs, allotment known as 'Fishers', market graden known as 'Great Burnell', and various pastures, fields market gardens. With: Willersey, 'Hayway Farm' with pair of cottages. Illustrations and plan. Note: The Childswickham Estate.