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Between Sir John Clopton of Clopton and John Page of Campden, Gloucestershire. John Page to make a dozen chairs in walnut "four of them Elbow-Chaires for a large Chamber with a table and stands and looking Glass with Frame and Crowne of the Largest size and a plate Cubbard [cupboard] with twelve quarres and niches to the quarry in good gloss, the Cubbard apportionable of the best wallnutt tree with the frame to itt" for which the said John Clopton has paid 10s and will pay £8 more when the furniture has been completed and delivered, and has given the said John Page a walnut tree, ready felled; delivery to take place before 14 September 1687. Signed: John Clopton, Barbara Clopton, John Page, and the mark of Elizabeth Millward