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Wills and testamentary papers


Probate of the will (dated 22 July 1797) of Christopher Davies the elder, Coventry, stuffman. To eldest son Christopher Davies, £20 for mourning. To son John, in partnership with father: entitlement to one third profits of business: £200 and silver tankard To eldest daughter, Mary Davies: £700, silver tankard. To daughter Sarah Davies: £700 and 2 silver pints and silver half pint. To wife Elizabeth: residue of plate, household effects. To trustees: son John and Charles Wild, Brecon, gent: £2000 to pay interest to wife Elizabeth for life or widowhood then £500 to daughter Mary. £500 to daughter Sarah. £500 to son John £500 to son Christopher if alive or leaving issue, for life or to maintain children and divide equally at 21. With remainder to Mary, Sarah and John if no issue or die before 21. If Elizabeth remarry then her interest in £2000 ceases, she getting interest on £1000 for life and children getting £250 each immediately and the rest at her death. Executors: wife Elizabeth and son John. Witnesses: Mark Pearman, Thomas Prosser. Proved at Prerogative Court of Canterbury Sworn under £5000.