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Gift in frankalmoign from Ranulph de Stich[evale to the church of Saint Sepulchre of an annual rent of 50 shillings


Gift in frankalmoign, c1250, from Ranulph de Stich[evale, son of Margery de Nerbun] to the church of Saint Sepulchre, Warwick of an annual rent of 50 shillings, which they hold by the gift of Margery de Nerbun lady of Stivchel; namely from Roger [Fyton] 16 shillings, from William [Turkul] 16 shillings, from Richard molendarius 2 shillings, from Richard [de Cotes] 8 shillings and from the mill 8 shillings; which rents the said Margery had from Matilda her mother. Witnesses: --- Richard de Aldelcestr', Henry clerk --- Henry de Stivechal', Thomas --- de Warr' and others. Tag, seal lost.