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Gift from Richard Ody to Richard Edward of lands in Brinkelowe


Gift with warranty from Richard Ody of Brinkelowe to Richard Edward of the same place of one acre of arable land lying in the fields of Brinkelowe on le Tounfurlong between the land of the heirs of Richard de Felde and the land of William son of Margerie in breadth, and in length according to the metes and bounds; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: John de Badyngton', William son of Thomas, John Burgoyse, William son of Margerie, Ceoffrey Morice and others. Dated at Brinkelowe on Tuesday next after the feast of St. Ambrose, 30 Edward III. Seal on tag: circular, green. A hound asleep under a tree. Endorsed: Brinkelowe. Ody et Edwardes [AG]

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    [05/04/1356], Tuesday next after the feast of St Ambrose 30 Edward III

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