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Confirmation from Nigel de Molbraio to the Church of St Mary of Cumba of the gift in frankalmoign of his father


Confirmation with warranty from Nigel de Molbraio to God and the Church of St. Mary of Cumba and the Monks there serving God of all that gift in frankalmoign which his father Roger de Mulbraio made to the aforesaid Monks of Cumba of his wood in Brincalowa which is called Burthleia, namely all that part of a wood which is from the road called Walewei, namely from that Waleweia which is nearer Brincalawie, and the whole of which wood runs across (penetrat per transversum) to the boundaries of Brandone and Bileneia. Witnesses: Fulk de Castellione, Nicholas de Bellon', Geoffrey de Haia, Peter his brother, and Geoffrey the Cook (Cocus). Tag, seal missing. Endorsed: Nigell' de Molbrai de bosco de Brinkcla---