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Quitclaim from Robert de Snyreford to Hamo de Braundone of half a burgage in Brynkel'


Quitclaim, c1285, from Robert de Snyreford in Brynkel' to Hamo de Braundone of one half of a burgage in the vill of Brynkel' which stands between the land of Adam son of William Jolay and the tenement of Emma and Norman; to hold the said half Burgage and all its appurtenances within or without the embankment (wallam) of the chief Lord of that fee paying annually 3 halfpence, namely 3 farthings at the Feast of St. John the Baptist and 3 farthings at the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle for all services, etc. and for this the said Hamo gives 26 shillings. Witnesses: Gilbert de Wavere in Brynkel', John son of Adam, Ralph Burgence, William Edward, William King (Rege), Jordan de Ardena, Hugh King (Rege), and others. Seal on tag: oval, dark green. Legend: S. ROB'TI DE --- WRD Endorsed: i supd;.ob. ad festa usualia [AG]