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Gift from William Thomassone to William Cokcus of lands in Brinkelowe


Gift with warranty from William Thomassone of Brinkelowe to William Cokcus of the same of one burgage and a quarter of one burgage lying in the town of Brink[elowe] between the tenement of William Rough' and the tenement of the said William Cokcus in breadth, and in length according to the metes and bounds; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Geoffrey Moris, John Badyngton', William [Margeri]esone, John Bur[geyse, Richard] son of Gilbert, Thomas Rous, William Paris and others. Dated at Brinke[lowe] on Sunday next [--- the feast of the] Apostles St. Philip and St. James 40 (?) Edward III (c. May 1366-1375). Tag, seal missing. Endorsed: i) Tomson Cockes [AG] ii) Th--- Burgag' [AG]