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Feoffment from Richard Normanton', Robert Northmanton' and Henry Toneshend' to Richard Metley of a cottage in Brynkelowe


Feoffment from Richard Normanton' of Burton', Robert Northmanton' of Wethibrok and Henry Toneshend' of Coventr' barber, to Richard Metley gentleman, of one cottage with all its appurtenances in Brynkelowe containing in breadth in the front part next the highway 69 standard feet and in the back part in breadth 42 standard feet, and in length from the highway aforesaid to `Le Hylles'; which cottage with all its appurtenances among other lands and tenements the grantors formerly had by the grant and feoffment of William Alyn' of Coventr' `cobbeler', [see no. 100]; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Appointment of John Crosse as attorney to deliver seisin. Witnesses: John Stokes, Henry Parteriche, John Taylour and others. Dated at Brynkelowe, 20 January, 7 Edward IV (20 Jan 1467/8). 3 Seals on tags: circular, red. (i) broken and indecipherable. (ii) a squirrel ? (iii) broken and indecipherable. The tags are fragments of earlier documents. Endorsed: i) `Le Hilles' [AG] ii) Metley [AG]