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Jordan's 'History of Stratford': Wheler Papers


Accounts of the families of Combe (f. 24); Keyte (f. 25v), Tracy (f. 31v), Clopton (f.36), Carew (f.42), and Shakespeare (f. 47v), Followed by notices of Bridgetown (f.72), Rhyen Clifford (f. 74), Milcote (f.74v), Luddington (f.75v), Drayton and Dodwell (f.76), Shottery (f.76v), Little Wilmcote (f.77v), Bishopton (f.78), Clopton (f. 79v), Welcombe (f.81v), and Ingon (f. 86). This article is fairly copied from Jordan's manuscript by another hand, with marginal remarks.