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Deeds, letters c.: Wheler Papers


Notes and extracts by R.B. Wheler on: (a) The sale on 4 July 1846 of Garrick' s Jubilee Cup, made from Shakespeare's Mulberry Tree (f. 235) (b) On an inscribed tile from Malvern, circa 1846 (f. 240) (c) On the sale of the library of John Poynder, 1850 (f.241) (d) On editions of Shakespeare sold with the library of John Dunn Gardner, 1854 (f. 242) (e) On a seal of Edward VI for the Peculiar of Stratford, 1851 (f. 243) (f) On William Healey, a Stratford Almsman, died 19 November 1853, aged 97. (f. 244)