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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Richard son of Ernisius to Geoffrey de Wilnhale of land towards the church of St. Nicholas which lies between the land which Mathew Smith (Faber) held and the land which Robert Mustard held; to hold the same of the said Richard rendering annually 12 pence (4 terms); and for this the said Geoffrey gives one mark of silver. Witnesses: Alan the clerk, Mathew Smith (Fabro), Herbert Cuppere, Nicholas son of Thured, Ingelard, Robert nephew of Ernisius, Richard his son, Guy (Wido) Cuppere, Richard Wele, Gerard Odein, Robert Musterd, Thomas the mason (cementario), and many others. Tag, seal missing. Endorsed: xii supd;. versus ecclesiam sancti Nicholai [AG]