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Brinklow deeds and papers


Left-hand indenture of a fine levied at Westminster, on the morrow of St. Martin's, 28 Charles II, between Loveisgod Gregory esq., Job Power and Eleanor his wife, and Thomas Draper, plaintiffs, and William Treppas and Joan his wife, Power Brecknocke gent., and Ann his wife, and Thomas Barnes and Ann his wife, deforciants, of a cottage, two barns, five acres of land and sixteen of pasture, with common of pasture in Brincklowe, Hurley and Atherston and of the tithes of the property in Hurley; and the said William and Joan, Power and Ann, and Thomas and Ann recognize the said property to be the right of the said Loveisgod, Job and Eleanor, and Thomas as by their gift. Warranties from William and Joan and the heirs of Joan, Power and Ann and the heirs of Power, and Thomas and Ann and the heirs of Ann. Consideration, £60. Endorsed: Gregory v Treppas Copy of the fine