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Gift from William Whittyndon', Abbot of Cumba to John Stokys of a cottage and croft in Brynklowe


Gift from William Whittyndon', abbot of Cumba and the convent of the same place, to John Stokys of Brynklowe, of a cottage and a small croft called Clayyarde in Brynklowe; which cottage lies between a messuage of John Stokys and a messuage of John Rous and which croft lies between the cemetery of the church of the said William and another croft of the rector of Brynklowe; to hold the same to the said John in exchange for another cottage in Brynklowe lying between the cottage of the said abbot and convent and a messuage of John Hawker. Dated at Comba, 16 March, 10 Edward IV [at foot] 18 Edward IV [at top] (16 Mar 1477/8). Two tags; seals lost.