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Quitclaim from Henry Colman and John Aleyn to William Chariour of lands in Brinkelowe


Quitclaim with warranty from Henry Colman of Stretton' and John Aleyn of Brinkelowe to William Chariour of Kenelworth' of all their right in six selions of arable land and one half burgage lying in the town and fields of Brinkelowe. Witnesses: William Thomassone of Brinkelowe, John Rous of the same, John Colman of the same, William Waver' and Richard Colman of the same and others. Dated at Brinkelowe on the day of St. Lucy the Virgin, 16 Richard II. Two circular seals, dark brown, on a split tag: (i) a crowned letter W. (ii) a figure kneeling before a Virgin and Child. Legend illegible. Tag is fragment of an earlier document. Endorsed: Colman Charyor [AG]

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    [13/12/1392], day of St Lucy the Virgin 16 Richard II

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