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Chilvers Coton deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from John son of Bartholomew de Suthleya and Eleanor his wife to Hugh Selymen of Lagrive of a piece of land in the same vill, namely that which lies between the land of the said Hugh and the highway leading towards Coventr'; to hold the same in the vill of Lagrive to the said Hugh and his lawful issue, rendering 1 penny annually to the grantor at Michaelmas; and in default of such issue, then the said property to be held by the rightful heirs of the said Hugh for ever for the same service. Witnesses: Nicholas Prentost, Henry Colvyle, William Russel, Ralph Hervy, Simon Lucas of Eton' and others. Dated at Lagrive on the feast of St. Hilary, 4 Edward III. Two tags: seal i, white fragment only; seal ii lost. Endorsed: i) 4 Ed 3 ii) Stychale. Johannes de Stychale to Hugh Selyman de Lagrive unam placeam terrae 4 Ed 3 [AG]