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Corley deeds and papers


Warranty from Hugh de Duckilwr to Hugh de Ringisdona for all the land which the latter holds of him in Corleia; for which Hugh de Ringisdona agrees to pay annually £4 (2 terms). Witnesses: Robert de Chaucomb, William de Chaucomb, Roger de Canvill', Thomas de Estleia, Walter his son, William de Flanvill', Thomas de Herderna, Jordan de Witakre, Ralph son of Ralph, Richard de Mundevill', Alan de Morcote, Viel de Folkishul and others. Seal on tag: circular, white, fragment. A wyvern. Legend: obscure. Endorsed: i) Corneley in com' Warr' ii) Corleya iii) Dominus Hugo de Ringesdon miles.