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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Juliana daughter of Adam de Covintr' to Stephen de Nerbune of two messuages in Covintre which lie between the house of William son of Sunnulf and the house of Robert son of Assulf as far as the paling (palacium) of William de Nerbun; to hold the same of the said Juliana rendering annually 2 shillings (4 terms); and for this the said Stephen gives one mark of silver; and the said Juliana quitclaims the said Stephen of 14 shillings being seven years arrears for her farm (de firma mea) for which she had impleaded him in the county of Warwick. Witnesses: William son of Hugh, Osbert de Clinton', Robert de Curli, John de Curli, Hugh son of William, Aubrey de Nerbune, Bertram son of Stephen, Robert son of Adam, Henry his brother, Gilbert his brother, Ingenulf de Covintre, Miles Barbe de Aueril, Thomas de Erdintone and many others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Coventre in comitatu Warewik' ii) Duo masuagia iuxta palacium Nerbuni in Coventry, percella manerii Margeriae de Neirbon dominae de Styvech' filie Stephani de Neirbon et heredis Matildis axoris Stephani matris Margerie mortuo Stephano [AG] iii) Family tree iv) ii solidos redditus [AG] v) Stephanus de Nerbon pater Margerie de Neirbon [AG]