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Coventry deeds and papers


Quitclaim from Robert Fyel son of Fyel de Coventr' to Hugh de Schulton' formerly servant to William de Copston', of all his right in that land which John Albot formerly held next the Church of St. Nicholas of Coventr' lying between the land of Henry Baker (Pistoris) and the land of Richard le Marchal on one side and the highway leading to Haselwode on the other side in length, and in width according to the metes and bounds. Witnesses: Henry Baker (Pistore), bailiff of Coventr', William le Parker, coroner, William de Copston', John Minot, Richard Dobedy, John Clerk and others. Seal lost. Tag a part of an earlier deed. Endorsed: iuxta ecclesiam sancti Nicholai et viam ad Haselwode [AG]