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Corley deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Laurence de Nathesby and Christine, daughter of Simon Dolfyn of Calcote, his wife, to Gilbert Idel of Stokkyforde of a rent of 2 peace to be taken annually from a tenement called Galwyland in the vill of Corleye; to hold to the said Gilbert for ever; and for this the said Gilbert gives 2 shillings. Witnesses: Henry de Fylingeley, William de Marechal of Estleye, Henry de Barre of Corleye, Richard son of Thomas of the same, Philip de Ruton' of the same, and others. Dated at Corleye, Sunday next after the feast of St. Michael, 19 Edward I. Two tags, seals lost. Endorsed: [Gal]wy land ii supd; [AG]