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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from John son of John Vincent' of Covent' to Ranulph de Stivichale of sixpence annual rent in Covent' which he used to receive from a certain parcel of land `in vico de Hulle' [Hill Street] which John le Boomonger formerly held of the said John, lying between the land which Nicholas de Cestre held on one side and the land which Bartholomew Coppinc held on the other, and extending from the river to the road leading to the mill of Hulle in length; to hold the same of the said John rendering annually one clove of gillyflower, at Easter, and suit of court; and for this the said Ranulph gives 2 shillings of silver. Witnesses: Walter Blund of Covent', Alexander de Glovernia, Robert Clerk, Pagan Pake, Peter Barun, Richard Schore, Hugh Schail, Robert de Coundulme, William Louwyn, Robert de Chilton, Henry Baker (Pistore), Geoffrey Clerk, Hugh Breton' and others. Tag and seal lost. Endorsed: i) Warr' Covyntre ii) vi supd;. [AG]