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Combe deeds and papers


Gift from Walter de Coventr' steward of the Earl of Chester and Lincoln for the safety of his soul and for those of his ancestors, heirs and successors to St. Mary and St. Katherine the Virgin and the monks of the house of Cumba and their successors, of eight marks of silver to buy a certain rent for the said house whence the said monks may have a pittance on the feast day of St. Katherine the Virgin. Witnesses: Richard de Coventr' his son, Henry de Rokeby, Henry de Anestia, Vincent de Coventr', Hugh son of Martin, Richard the clerk and others. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, white, varnished. A coat of arms - 3 wheat sheaves. Legend: SINGNVM WALTERI. Endorsed: i) Carta Walteri seneschalli comitis Cestrie de octo marcis --- [erased] die sancte Caterine Virginis ii) W. Segrave [AG]