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Corley deeds and papers


Gift and quitclaim from Thomas chaplain of Estleya to Thomas son of William de Heyteleya of all his land in Cornlegh'; to hold as freely as he (the chaplain) ever held it of Ralph de Horselegh' and rendering the same services, namely paying annually 16 pence, (2 terms). Witnesses: Gerard de Allespath', Richard the cook (coco), Richard de Cosinton', Andrew de Stoke, Gilbert Falke, Ralph his brother, Robert de Ruiton', Roger de Barre, Brun the clerk, Robert de Feugers, Thomas de Stokes, William son of Alan, Morin the forester (forestario), William Butt' of Coventr', Walter his son, David de Mora clerk and others. Tag, seal lost.