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Coundon deeds and papers


Lease from Arthur Gregory of Stichall, esq., and William Inge of the Charterhouse in the county of Coventry gent., to Daniel Clowes of Coventry, innholder, of 10 closes of arable meadow and pasture ground in Coundon in Urchenfield called Warwickshire Fields, containing 42 acres, late in the occupation of Simon Pickering, then of Joan Pickering, his widow relict, since of Cleophas Ratcliff and now of the said Daniel Clowes (reserving to the freeman of Coventry common of pasture, according to ancient custom, from Lammas to Candlemas); to hold the same for 21 years, rendering annually to the said Arthur and William £15 apiece, 50 shillings apiece for every acre of the said land sown with flax, hemp, rape or coleseed, and 40 shillings apiece for every acre used for tillage, except 12 acres which the said Daniel may convert to tillage but which he must leave sown with grass or clover at the end of the term. Signed: Daniel Clewes. Circular, red seal applied. Witnesses: A. Butterie, John Stanton.