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Coventry deeds and papers


Quitclaim from William Dawbeney and William Spenser, saddler,of Coventre to William Flekney of Coventre, of all his right in all the tenements, rent and services in Coventre which formerly they had by the grant of the said William Fleckney. Witnesses: John Esex, mayor of Coventre, Richard Braytoft' and John Lysturley, bailiffs of the same, Henry Sircok, Edward Broggreve, Richard Pecche, Roger Milner and others. Dated at Coventre, 28 March, 18 Henry VI. Two seals on tags: circular, red. i) A crowned letter W. ii) A fragment only. Endorsed: i) The reles of William Dawbeney and William Spenser to William Flekney ii) Johne Essex, maior [AG]