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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift from Benjamin de Witelea to Walter Brocher of the third part of his land in `vico Comitis' [Earl Street in Coventry] near the road which leads towards the Earl's mill: to hold the same of the said Benjamin rendering annually 4 shillings of silver (4 terms); and for this both the said Walter and Alice?his (mee) wife give 12 pence apiece to the grantor. Witnesses: Nicholas son of Liulf, Milo Barba April', Nicholas de Smithesford', Roger the chamberlain (camerario), Richard de Wigornia, Stephen his son, Mathew son of Gundrea, Geoffrey Goldsmith (Aurifaber), Ralph the scribe (scriptore), Richard de Lannis, Richard Botuluestan', John Joia, Roger Bagog', Helia de Wicha, Robert de Pinelea, Geoffrey Gerebode, William de Montpedlers, Ralph his brother Richard Wanter and many others. Seal on tag: circular, yellow. A fleur-de-lys. Legend: SIGL --- MIN. Endorsed: i) Nicholaus filius Liulfi [AG] ii) Per H. Keble iiii sups;. de terra Jordani prope le mintlane Stone [AG]