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Coventry deeds and papers


Quitclaim from Adam Haldeyn of Coventr' son of Richard Haldeyn of the same to Henry son of Henry Baker (Pistoris) of Coventr', of all his right in 2 shillings annual rent from a certain ploughland which lies between the land which Thomas le Long used to hold and the land which Richard le Leper held in breadth, and which extends in length from Gosford' Street to the land of the lord Prior called Bromyforlong'; and for this the said Henry gives 15 shillings sterling. Witnesses: Richard de Bokevile, Robert de Chylton', Thomas de Facham, Alexander de Ruton', Nicholas de la Bare, William Toly, Geoffrey Bretoun, John Tole, Hugh Clerk, Walter Bacun, Robert de Hynkel' priest, and many others. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, white. A fleur-de-lys. Legend: --- ALDEIN. Endorsed: i) Adam Haldeyn [contemp] ii) Carta de duobus solidatis annualis redditus in vico de Gosford' [contemp]