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Coventry deeds and papers


Quitclaim from Richard de Lodelowe of Coventr' to Nicholas Mychel of Coventr' of all his right in 20 shillings annual rent issuing from the tenement which John de Lodelowe holds and inhabits in `vico comitis' [Earl Street] in Coventr' between a tenement formerly of [Nicholas Percy] and the tenement which John de Slyngesby holds, and from all other tenements, of John de Lodelowe in Coventr'; which rent the said Nicholas had by the grant of the said John. Witnesses: William Graunpe, Henry Baker (Pistore), William Deryng', Thomas de Colleshull', John le Taverner and others. Dated at Coventr', Sunday next after the feast of All Saints, 13 Edward III. Seal on tag: red, fragmentary.