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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Margery widow of Walter de Bannebury of Coventr' to Roger de Braunteston' of Coventr' clerk, of a messuage in Cheylesmorlone in Coventr' lying in breadth between the land of William de Copston' and the land of Roger Daieseye and extending in length from the said lane to the land of Stephen le Marchal; to hold the same of the said Margery rendering annually 3s.4d. Witnesses: Anketill' de Coleshul, bailiff of Coventr', Robert Baker (Pistore), John Leofwyne, Roger Daieseye, Mathew de Ruyton', Stephen le Marchal, Richard le Mercer, John de Catesby, Alexander le Schereman, and others. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, green. An ornament of eight points. Legend: S' MARIORIE ATE HALE. Endorsed: iii sups;. iiii supd;. in Frerelane [AG]