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Coventry deeds and papers


Demise from John de Lodelowe of Coventr' to Nicholas Michel of Coventr', merchant of 20 shillings annual rent from the tenement in which the said John lives in `vico comitis' [Earl Street] in Coventr' and from all his other lands and tenements in Coventr' upon the day of making of these presents, for the term of the life of said Nicholas and twenty years afterwards; and should the said Nicholas receive the said rent for the next twenty years then these presents to be of no effect. Dated at Coventr', Sunday next before the feast of St. Wulstan, 13 Edward III. Seal on tag: circular, red. A shield surrounded by an indecipherable inscription. Endorsed: xx sups;. in vico comitis. Lodelowe [AG]