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Coventry deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Ranulf de Stivechal' to Richard Schore of Covintr', of all his land lying above Hulle between the land which Adam Hert held and the land which Richard le Koker' held and reaching in length from the highway to the river running from the pool of Hulle; to hold the same for eight years, paying 2 shillings annually in the four last years of the said lease, at the four terms usual in Covintr': and for this the said Richard gives 9 shillings. Witnesses: Nicholas de Barra bailiff, Robert de Chilton', Richard Meu, Hugh Scail, Robert de Cundulm', Adam Hert, Gilbert Wry, John son of Ceve, Thomas Clerk and others. Dated on the Feast of St. Mary in March, 1268. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Warr' Stiveschall ii) Hillstrete [crossed out]