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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Gift, with warranty, from Roger Chimbel to Edmund de Assartis, for half a mark, of land lying between Fildeneweie and Sladeweie, and between land which Alfwin held and land which Alric Albus held, rendering to the said Roger annually 12 pence (4 terms). If Roger or his heirs cannot give warranty they shall give in exchange land of equal value. Witnesses: Warin son of Fucher, Philip `senescaldo de Evesham', Walter son of William, William son of Gilbert, Ralph de Filligleie, Hamon de Moreco the, Peter Albus, Reiner son of James de Pakigton', Jordan Schiper and many others. Seal, on tag, wrapped in white silk, broken. Endorsed: Acres, xii supd; de tribus croftis que Edmundus de Alspath dedit Willelmo de Wilson [AG].n