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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Alice widow of John le Stywardesmon of Coventr' to Guy de Merynton' of 2 shillings annual rent from a messuage which John de Waleshale holds in `vico fontis' [Well Street] in Coventr' lying between her tenement and the lane leading to the hall of Nicholas Aleyn in breadth, and extending in length from the said Street as far as the tenement of the said Nicholas. Witnesses: John Warde, bailiff of Coventr', Simon Pakemon, coroner, Walter de Stoke, William de Teynton', Walter le Longe and others. Dated at Coventr', Tuesday in the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 17 Edward III. Seal on tag: oval, dark green. A crowned letter T. Endorsed: i) Carta Alicie uxoris Johannis Stywardesmon'. ii) ii sups;. in vico fontis [AG]