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Shortley in Coventry deeds and papers


Power of attorney from Richard Byngham, justice of the pleas, Thomas Ferrers esq. and Robert Aston', knight, to William Halowzton' and Thomas Northwode to take seisin in their name, and in the name of Margaret, wife of the said Richard, of the manor of Schortley next Coventr' with its appurtenances for them and their heirs and the heirs of the said Margaret; which manor Richard, by right of Margaret his wife (one of the daughters of Baldwin de Frevill'), Thomas, as son of Elizabeth, another of the daughters of the said Baldwin, and Robert, as son of Joyce, the third daughter of the said Baldwin, claim as their right. Dated on the feast of St. Andrew, 39 Henry VI. 3 tongues, with tie below, seals 2 and 3 missing, seal 1 in red wax, indecipherable. Endorsed: Shortley [AG]