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Stivichall deeds and papers


Uncompleted indenture of lease from Sir Thomas Ferrers, knight, to Robert Cleydon of Coventre, draper, of a mill called the Heth' milne, lying within the lordship of Stychale with the Milnemedowe and the herbage of le Milnegrove for his mill horse, with all the water pertaining to the said mill and with all the other profits and duties which Edward Bristowe lately held; to hold the same from Michaelmas last for a term of 39 years, rendering annually 28s. 4d. (2 terms); and the said Robert to maintain the said mill and floodgates during the said term at his own expense, provided always that the said Robert shall set the floodgates of the said mill on the same side of the dam as of old. Dated: 9 October, 9 Henry VII