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Spon End in Coventry deeds and papers


Power of attorney from Luke de Herdeborgh' of Coventr', clerk, to William de Herdeborgh', Master William de Burbache, chaplain, Andrew de Braundon' and Richard de Upton', clerk, jointly and severally to receive seisin of the manor of Sponna with the chapel there built which the prior and convent of the church of Coventr' have caused to be granted to him, and to administer the premises on his behalf. Dated at Coventr': Monday next after the feast of St. Edmund the Bishop and Confessor, 1336. Seal on tongue: oval, red. A stag with a collar and chain. Legend: SIG--- CO---PATERN--- Tie below. Endorsed: Littera attornat' de seisina percipiendum de manerio de Sponna in Coventry, parcello Marmyons [AG]