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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Warin son of Warin son of Fulcher to Stephen de Segrave for homage and service of all his land which he held in Allespathe,with the homage, rents and services of freemen and villeins, etc., to hold of the said Warin, rendering to the chief lord the customary services and to Warin annually a pair of white gloves or one penny at Michaelmas; for which the said Stephen gives 40 marks. Witnesses: William de Sancto Eadmundo, Robert de Shepheye, Roger de Syfrewast, Richard de Welinton', Thomas Essporun, John de Hodeng, Thomas de Hereford', Richard de Midelton', Hugh de Beninton', William Putot and many others. Detached seal, oval, broken, a fleur de lis. Endorsed: i) Deterra de Allespath' de dono Warini filii Warini filii Fulcheri [contemp.] ii) manerium de Allespath quondam Ivonis de Allespath [AG] iii) Segrave