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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Confirmation from Walter son of William to Nicholas son of Arnwi of Kinewaldehai of the land which Arnwi held in the assarts of Allespathe, namely, the ploughland which lies between Fildenewei and Huntenemor; paying annually a rent of 12 pence (4 terms), to hold of the said Walter, free of pannage and toll, for which Nicholas gives 6 shillings to Walter and to Mary his wife 12 pence. Witnesses: Gerard de Seint Liz, William de Fillungelie, Roger Chimbel, Peter Albus, Reginald son of Swein, Reiner of Pakintona and Alan his son, Adam Brkewde, Osbert the clerk who wrote this charter and many others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Gerard Seintliz [15th c.] ii) xij supd; redditus [A.G.]