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Legal cases - Gregory family


Two copies of an order in Chancery, dated 16 April, 6 Charles I, in the case between Simon Chamber, plaintiff, and Edward Waste and John Gregory, defendants, reciting the order of 11 February [no. DR10/1674] and reciting that John Gregory, although he admits a lease was made from Arthur Gregory, his father, to George Marbury, and that it had come into the possession of John Bott as in no. DR10/1667, nevertheless claims that the rent was never paid either to himself or his father, and that great waste had been committed on the premises; that he also states that in a previous suit in Chancery brought against him and his brother Segrave Gregory, it was found that the leased lands were entailed and that they were therefore recovered by the said John Gregory; and that he also alleges that after this, the plaintiff took letters of administration `de bonis non administrandis' of George Marbury and extended the statute. It is therefore ordered that unless the plaintiff can show cause to the contrary, the injunction of 11 February shall be revoked.