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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease from Loveisgod Gregory of Stivichall, gent., to Robert Burton of Stivichall, labourer, for 40 shillings, of a cottage in Stivichall at the lower end of the town over against the horse pool, with a garden and backside pertaining thereto and also right of common now in the tenure of the said Robert Burton; to hold the same for 21 years, rendering annually 20 shillings (2 terms); and the said Robert agrees to plant ten apple trees on the premises within three years. Signed: Robert Burton (by mark) Seal on tag; circular, red; defaced. Witnesses: John Phillipps (by mark), Henry Newitt (by mark), Jo. Saunders, scrivener Endorsed: Robert Borton [LG]