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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Richard de Kyntun, with the assent of Matilda his wife, to William son of Richard Walyeve for homage and service of the land which Adam the smith (Faber) of Pikeford held, lying between the land which Stephen le Cnave of Allispthe held and the land which Ralph son of Isabel held in width, and in length between the land which Jordan le Cnave and Alysleye Broc; to hold of the said Richard, paying an annual rent of 18 pence at the four usual terms in Allispthe for all secular services and suit of court. Witnesses: Gerarde de Allispth', John son of Benedict de Alisleye, John de Fillungeleye, Robert de Hamptona, Walter son of William de Allispthe, Richard Falke, William Goding, Hugh le Neucomene, Gilbert the clerk and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Ric' Kyngton' [15th c.] ii) xviii redditus [AG] iii) Stephanus de Cleybrok' [AG] iv) Matilda de Kyngton' vidua done et conferme cest terre salvo forinseco servicio [AG]