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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Quitclaim from Peter son of Peter Albus of Allispthe to William son of Richard of Allispthe of 8s. 0 1/2 d. annual rent; namely from Geoffrey de Kynewaldishey 6s. 0 1/2 d. and from William two shillings, for tenements which they held of the grantor in Allispthe, together with the homage reliefs and escheats of the two men; to hold free of all services except two shillings to the chief lord, Gerard de Allispthe as stated in the original charter; with the additional quitclaim of the whole meadow in Mulnemedue in Alispthe `quod de eodem Willelmo tenui in eadem forma redditus predicta' for which the said William gives 60 shillings. Witnesses: John son of Benedict de Alisleye, John de Fillungeleye, Robert de Hampton', Walter son of William, Richard Falke, Hugh le Necomen', William Goding, Gilbert the clerk, and others. Seal on tag; oval, green, a fleur de lis. Legend: SIGILL' PETRI AIBI. Endorsed: i) de redditu Marbroke [16th c.] ii) ii sups; domino Gerardo de Allispath': mylne medo [AG].